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Floral lea is reprocessed tea. It is made by mixing tea leaves and fragrant flowers and allowing tea leaves to absorb the fragrance of the flowers.

14 10 / 2012

When adding water while brewing ornamental floral tea. avoid pouring directly on to the tea leaves or the floral design might disintegrate.

The main focus of ornamental floral tea is in its design, the taste is secondary.

Ornamental floral tea takes a few minutes to expand to its intended shape Sometimes, the design may face down. Adjust with the tea pick.

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Requirement                One bundle of floral tea leaves is added per teacup/teapot

Water temperature      90° and above

Capacity                      The teapot or teacup should be big, with a capacity above 200ml

Appropriate tea sets    Include glass teapot or teacups that can withstand high temperature

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Ornamental Floral Tea Is made by tying flowers and tea leaves together in a floral design. Upon brewing with Japanese teapots, the design absorbs water and expands into a pretty floral arrangement floating in the tea.

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Pre-brewing Preparation

Preparation of the tea set: Kettle, tea bowl, basin, tea plate, teaspoon and tea towel.

Pour the necessary amount of water into the kettle and bring to boil. Allow the water temperature to drop to 85° before use.

Scoop the necessary amount of jasmine tea leaves into the tea plate.


1. Tea set

Arrange the tea set for brewing.

2. Warming the tea bowl

Pour the heated water into the tea bowl.

Cover with the lid and rotate the tea bowl.

3. Adding tea leaves

Add the jasmine tea leaves into the tea bowl.

4. Adding water

5. Fill the tea bowl with heated water until 7/10 full and cover the tea bowl properly.

Offering tea 

Offer the freshly brewed tea to the guests with both hands.

Appreciating the fragrance

Hold the tea cups and saucers with one hand and tilt the cover with the other to gently breathe in the fragrance.

Appreciating the tea

Before drinking, gently use the lid of the tea bowl to brush across the surface of the tea to sweep away the tea leaves.

Tilt the lid of the tea bowl and breathe in the fragrance and sip the tea through the opening gap.

More Jasmine Tea Information

When brewing jasmine tea, you may occasionally, catch the fragrance of the white flowers. This is because when fumigating jasmine tea, usually a small amount of magnolias is used for a base.

Jasmine tea leaves must be stored carefully.

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Water temperature: Water temperature depends on the type of tea used as the raw tea. If the raw tea is made from green tea, such as Jasmine Silver Needles, maintain the water temperature at approximately 85°C. If the raw tea is made from black tea, such as Rose Black Tea, the water temperature must be above 95° If the raw tea is made from Oolong tea, such as Osmanthus Oolong Tea, then the water should be at boiling point.

Amount of tea leaves: The ratio of leaves to water should be 1:50 Include tea bowl or porcelain teacup with lids, or teapots.

Appropriate tea sets: Include tea bowl or porcelain tea cups with lids, or teapots.